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News - ALE Partners with Precise Automation

Atlantic Lab Equipment is happy to announce that we have partnered with Precise Automation, the industry-leading collaborative robot supplier, to sell, service, and support PreciseFlex robots for laboratory applications. This is a great fit with ALE’s mission of delivering high-quality, refurbished laboratory instrumentation and integrated lab automation solutions.

ALE Has Moved!

Our New Address is:
100 Cummings 
Center #150-B
Beverly, MA 01915

We’ve upgraded our accommodations and moved to a bigger, better location as of April 1st. It’s just the next town over, but we’re closer to the highway and in the middle of one of the most active biotech properties in the Greater Boston area. Stop by and visit!

ALE Blog - ALE's Superstar Interns

Meet Ryan, Dani, and Luke. Atlantic Lab Equipment is lucky to have three talented interns working with us this semester from Endicott CollegeTwo of them are sponsored by the Massachusetts Life Science Center’s Internship Challenge program. We decided to talk with them about their experiences at ALE. Here’s what they had to say.

ALE Blog - 9 Reasons to Outsource Your Lab Surplus Asset Management and Save Millions!

You may not know that ALE has a well-developed surplus asset management program for larger labs and companies with a large inventory of lab equipment. Large companies may frequently purchase new equipment when the exact same model goes unused in a lab down the hall or in another building. This leads to millions of dollars in wasted budget and inefficiently used lab space annually. See how we can help your company manage surplus equipment and save millions.

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Look through our refurbished & used lab equipment listings. Save 40% or more over buying new laboratory instruments. We have a wide selection, including:

  • liquid handlers & lab automation
  • analytical instruments
  • genomics systems
  • and much more!

We offer high-quality used lab equipment for sale that is fully reconditioned, serviced, tested, and with a warranty.

Sell / Swap Equipment

Sell your surplus lab equipment to return funds to your budget and clear space in your lab. Or, trade your unused scientific instruments for something in our inventory and receive a bonus on the swap. Contact ALE with your used laboratory equipment list for an appraisal.

Service & Applications

ALE’s experienced, top-notch technical support is the perfect complement to our high-quality lab instruments. The ALE service and support team offer a full range of installation and service for the systems we sell. In addition, our lab automation applications team can help with system configuration, robotic integration, and method development. Contact ALE to learn how we can help you get the most out of your refurbished liquid handlers and analytical instruments.

Get Better Lab Equipment — For Less

We help labs save money with high-quality, refurbished and used laboratory equipment. You can find liquid handlers, laboratory automation and robotics, HPLC, GC, mass spectrometers, microplate readers and washers, centrifuges, incubators, DNA sequencers, and much more.

Click below to ask us how we can help your lab save or request a quote. If you don’t see it on our site, ask anyway, we can find it for you.

Lab Automation & Liquid Handling Solutions

ALE has advanced expertise in liquid handling and lab automation systems. Applications range from genomics (NGS sample prep, PCR, DNA extraction and purification), to high-throughput screening (mother-daughter copies, serial dilutions, concentration normalizations), to cell-based assays, and analytical chemistry sample preparation. We can provide both stand-alone and integrated laboratory robotics systems. Solutions are available for biopharma, academic research, or clinical diagnostics. We support and integrate systems from all major liquid handler manufacturers including:

  • Tecan Freedom EVO
  • Agilent Bravo (and other peripherals like the PlateLoc, VSpin, BenchCel)
  • Beckman Biomek
  • Hamilton STAR and STARlet, and others.

About Atlantic Lab Equipment

Atlantic Lab Equipment provides high-quality refurbished liquid handling, laboratory automation, liquid chromatography/HPLC, gas chromatography/GC, mass spectrometry/MS, and other biotech equipment to labs that want to save budget but still get the best equipment for research or production. Atlantic Lab Equipment is based in Salem, Massachusetts, and has facilities in the Greater Boston and San Diego areas. However, we have been bringing over 15 years of experience to labs located all over the USA.

Please call or email ALE when you need help with automation and liquid handling or simply need to buy excellent lab equipment for less. Our customers include some of the largest labs in North America, as well as start-ups, and small businesses. We’ve placed lab instruments at universities; biotech, pharmaceutical, and chemical companies; research, clinical, and analytical laboratories.

Atlantic Lab Equipment provides reliable products backed by outstanding service. Our extensive inventory includes liquid handlers, laboratory automation systems, analytical instruments, thermal cyclers, PCR systems, DNA sequencers, imaging systems, microplate readers & washers, and other bench-top lab equipment to meet your needs.

Mission Statement

Atlantic Lab Equipment helps labs save money and remove the risk from buying used lab equipment. We deliver premium automation and anaytical solutions with high-quality refurbished robots and instruments.

ALE is a Woman-owned Small Business


“The people at Atlantic Lab Equipment are extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. We were able to do an on-site inspection of the instrument we were interested in purchasing, and when we arrived we found the instrument already cleaned, properly maintained, and running demo experiments. It made the evaluation much easier and really strengthened the confidence we had in buying a used liquid handler. One year later, the instrument is still running great, we saved thousands of dollars, and we now have a great relationship with a quality company in ALE.”

— Joe R.

“We purchased a Tecan robotic liquid handler and a PlateLoc plate sealer through Atlantic Lab Equipment when we expanded our next-generation sequencing capabilities in our lab. Our decision to entrust ALE with our equipment needs was in part due to the cost savings but also because of the extensive technical support services they offer. With complex instrumentation like robotic liquid handlers, having access to highly trained support specialists like Jenn at ALE is critical. They have made good on their commitment to our technical needs by being ever ready to assist us with questions that invariably arise.”

— Liz F.

“Atlantic Lab Equipment has drastically improved the operational workflow of our lab, specializing in Toxicology, by fully automating the sample preparation process. Now our lab is able to stand out in this very competitive market by committing to a shorter turnaround time. ALE has provided excellent support in the areas of competitive pricing, excellent quality of equipment purchased, and have stood behind their word in making necessary repairs to meet the promised quality. Their work, commitment, and integrity have been a major factor in my recommendation of ALE to be a solid and reliable vendor and experts in their field of business.”

— Katerina G.