About ALE

Every laboratory needs a highly skilled team of scientists, engineers, businesspeople, and partners to successfully grow and expand.

Since 2002, Atlantic Lab Equipment, Inc (ALE) is one of those partners. We aim to listen to your needs and bring the critical knowledge, value, and efficiency to the process of helping you solve lab-related problems, improve workflow, and save costs on high-quality lab equipment and service. ALE offers labs the convenience and flexibility of providing strategic, multi-vendor, new and renewed, automation and analytical systems.

ALE is also a distributor for Precise Automation (Robotic arms and rails) and SciRobotics (colony picking and counting systems.

Regular maintenance and yearly professional service will keep your liquid handler performing its best.

ALE is a valuable resource for application development, training, installation, as well as helping maintain equipment—keeping it performing at its best. We even assist you with surplus equipment transitions to re-deploy internally or to remove and sell assets no longer needed.

With offices in Beverly, MA and San Diego, CA, ALE seeks to promote the strengthening and success of customers and partners through professional, responsive, and collaborative relationships.

ALE’s customers include Novartis, Pfizer, Merck, LGC, BASF, Gingko Bioworks, Dow/Dupont, Duke University, The Harvard Medical School, and Indigo AG.