SciRobotics Colony Picking & Plating (new)

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Fully Automated Colony Counting System & Sample Inoculation onto Petri Dishes

Pickolo™ Colony-Picker

The SciRobotics Pickolo™ colony-picker add-on for the Tecan Freedom EVO liquid handling platform provides advanced, fully automated, microbial colony picking from agar plates. Both Petri-dish and a variety of multi-well plate formats can be used.

Picking Parameters: colony picking parameters can be defined by size, shape, and/or color, and many other options.

Installation Ease: The Pickolo colony picker add-on installs easily on the Tecan Freedon EVO platform in minutes, allowing the liquid handler to be used for different applications.

Software Integration: The Pickolo software integrates directly with Tecan Freedom EVOware® software to enable colony picking as a method along with other liquid handling operations.

Reporting: The Pickolo software generates automatic reporting for the picked colonies.

PetriPlater™ Robotic Spiral Plating and Streaking

The SciRobotics PetriPlater™ add-on device and software for the Tecan Freedom EVO liquid handling platform enables affordable, high-throughput, fully automated sample inoculation onto Petri dishes. Microbial culture samples can be introduced with either the “spiral plating” or “spiral streaking” methods.

Seamless Integration: The PetriPlater is designed to seamlessly integrate with Tecan workstations so that liquid-handling, serial dilution, and colony-picking tasks can be accomplished on one system providing an automated solution for Petri-dish inoculation.

Complete System: The PetriPlater can be combined with the Pickolo to create a complete system for all of your colony plating and picking.

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