Eight Things You Want to Know About The Atlantic Lab Equipment Outlet Store

Atlantic Lab Equipment is headquartered on the North Shore of Boston. We have a second facility in San Diego. And, we buy and sell lab equipment globally. A big part of that global business is thanks to our ALE Outlet Store, which we call “ALOE”. In addition to our direct sales, service, and support, we’ve been operating an eBay Storefront since 2010. There we sell a wide range of lab equipment at great prices. Instruments from ALOE have made their way to China, India, Tanzania, many places around the U.S., and around the world. We thought you might like to learn a little more about ALOE – The Atlantic Lab Equipment Outlet Store.

1. Why did you start an outlet store?

We buy lab equipment from a variety of sources. In some cases, we pick and choose the specific instruments that we want. In other cases, we buy a whole labs-worth of equipment. And, we also work with large clients to help manage their lab equipment assets. Often we’ll need to sell instruments they no longer need – whatever it may be.

The ALE outlet gives us a way to reach out to a large audience through the granddaddy of online marketplaces. eBay is second only to Amazon Marketplace with over $90 billion in products sold in 2018. This gives a different set of customers another way to find us. Here they can get the instruments they want for a great price, backed by a reputable company.

2. How is ALOE different from ALE’s main business?

Our primary business centers around refurbishing and selling sophisticated lab equipment for liquid handling/lab automation, analytical chemistry, detection systems, and genomics systems. These tend to be larger systems that may need configuration or integration. In contrast, many of the items we sell on ALOE are smaller, more common types of lab equipment. Although, we do get some big items on there.

3. What are the most popular items in the outlet store?

We sell a lot of different types of lab equipment. Almost anything that we get at ALE can end up in the ALE Outlet. Occasionally, we get some non-lab equipment, like power tools. When we buy whole labs or large lots of equipment, there can be other items besides laboratory equipment. One way or another, we find a home for most things. Our best selling lab items are:

  • Bench-top centrifuges, micro-centrifuges
  • Thermal cyclers
  • HPLC components
  • Mixers, shakers, vortexers
  • Waters baths
  • Vacuum pumps

4. What are the smallest and biggest items you’ve sold at the ALE Outlet?

We’ve sold many small items – hand pipettors, micro-centrifuges. We currently have a NanoDrop UV/Vis spectrophotometer. That’s pretty small, especially considering what it does. The largest item we’ve sold in ALOE was a mass spectrometer. Although, we have a Biacore surface plasmon resonance system in the store right now. That’s probably the biggest item we’ve ever listed.

5. How much does the equipment cost?

Considering that you can find everything from water baths to mass specs in the ALE Outlet, prices cover a very wide range. Generally, prices start around $100, and a few pieces of equipment can reach close to $100k. Although the median price in ALOE is around $1500. There are many items within reach of even modest budgets.

6. Are items in the ALE Outlet lower quality than items you sell directly?

We like to sell great, high-quality equipment to ALL our customers, including the outlet store. It doesn’t do us any good to have an unhappy researcher on the other end of a transaction. Many of our clients are repeat customers. So, selling sub-par products doesn’t give them a reason to come back again. Right now, we have 100% positive reviews and we like to keep it that way.

We inspect everything that comes through our door. Most items come with a 30-day no hassle guarantee. If you have any problems with the instrument in the first month, we’ll replace it or you can return it for a refund. Extended warranties and service contracts are available for some items.

We sell some items “as-is”, but this is pretty rare, and the reason is clearly stated. The item could be incomplete or non-functional but may have value as parts. Of course, “as-is” items, are available at exceptional prices.

7. Why do you call it “ALOE”? That doesn’t make sense. Shouldn’t it be “ALEO”?

Yes. It probably should, but that’s one of those things that happens sometimes. Of course, the proper acronym would be “ALEO” – for Atlantic Lab Equipment Outlet. But it became natural to refer to the outlet business as “AL-owe” around the company. And, I guess we started spelling it the way it sounded instead of how it reads. OK. It’s a little weird, but it’s our kind of weird. It just feels right to say, “‘AL-owe’ is having a great month.” Somehow, “this centrifuge is going on ‘AL-lee-owe'”, or “we’ve got a bunch of ‘al-LEE-owe’ shipments to get out today” isn’t quite the same.

8. How can I learn more about ALOE – The Atlantic Lab Equipment Outlet Store on eBay?

You can go right to the ALE Outlet and find great deals on a wide range of lab equipment. To help customers find us in eBay, we set up a web address that will take you there directly: http://www.aleoutlet.com.

One of the best ways to keep up with the ALE Outlet is through social media. We feature lab equipment daily and announce deals on our Twitter and Facebook accounts. So, follow us to see what’s new and interesting in the outlet store:

Twitter: @AtlanticLab

Facebook: @atlanticlabequipment

ALE’s Superstar Interns – November 2018 Edition

ALE interns working hard to solve a difficult problem together

Internships at Atlantic Lab Equipment

Dani, Luke, and Ryan – ALE Interns 2018

Meet Ryan, Dani, and Luke. Atlantic Lab Equipment is lucky to have three talented interns working with us this semester. Two of them are sponsored by the Massachusetts Life Science Center’s Internship Challenge program. All three are here with us for the Fall 2018 semester from Endicott College in nearby Beverly, MA. We didn’t plan it that way – after interviewing many candidates these were the standouts. We’ve had great interns from Endicott College before, so they must be doing something right.

Interns have been a regular feature at Atlantic Lab Equipment for years. It’s a great way to benefit both the student and our company. For ALE, we’re busy and growing, so there’s always more work to tackle – we can use the extra hands on deck. For the students, it’s a great way to get some practical experience and exposure to the biotech business environment.

Their internships will be winding down in December, so we decided to talk with them about their experiences at ALE. Here’s what they had to say.

Ryan C. – Marketing

Ryan is a local, coming to ALE from Medford, MA. He’s majoring in Entrepreneurship at Endicott College and works with us as a Marketing Intern.

Tell us a little about yourself

I’m very interested in online sales and e-commerce. I’m currently opening my own Amazon marketplace brand and I’m excited to see how it turns out. My life goal is to have financial freedom based on a passive income. I am aiming toward this passive income lifestyle because I would like to travel as much as possible, support a family, and provide a healthy home for my future children. I know there’s a lot that I have yet to see, but ALE has given me direction towards achieving my goals. ALE has helped me a lot by providing me with experience in online sales and marketing. I have attained understanding and a sense of security with e-commerce, as well as my long-term plans during my time with Mike, Phil, Clark, and Victoria.

How did you hear about the internship opportunity at ALE?

I heard about it through a website called Handshake. ALE posted that they were looking for interns and it fit my field of study.

What is your internship role and typical responsibilities?

As a marketing intern, I work with the online store, website, and the online software and data logging tool. I have three main responsibilities working with ALE: I’m in charge of making sure the inventory for the ALE Outlet has high-quality pictures for the online store. I also do some editing. This includes ensuring that the inventory items we carry are labeled correctly in our online data system. Lastly, I work with item listings, optimizing them and producing item descriptions and keyword-related titles for increasing search volume.

How does this internship experience help you in your studies and your future career?

This has helped me with my studies and my career because I learned that there is more to a business than the data, numbers, and sales. There’s also a lot that goes into making sure your employees are happy and comfortable in their environment. Healthy employees will produce a healthy business.

What’s the most (surprisingly) beneficial thing that you learned during your internship?

The most surprising thing that I have learned about ALE is the fact that there can be a healthy balance in freedom and success. When I think of most companies, I think of people barely talking at work, with their eyes locked on their computer all day. I say this because I have worked as an intern with other companies that had this type of environment. I learned that there’s a way to balance your freedom at work, in terms of clothing, conversations, and flexible hours, while still achieving the goals that we set out to accomplish daily.

What’s the best part of your experience at ALE?

The best part of my experience here at ALE is not dreading going to work in the morning. I think that this should be a goal for many people since you spend 60% of your day at work. I enjoy coming to work and I feel like it provides me with a sense of value. I feel like my decisions and actions directly affect the company, which makes me feel important.

What do you hope to do after graduation?

After graduation, I’ll be starting my own Amazon FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) brand. I am in the starting phase right now and I hope to have my first product listed by the end of this year.

Any helpful tips for the next interns?

It’s easy to make friends with everyone here at ALE. Victoria, Phil, and Mike are wonderful to work with and they are very understanding, which I am very grateful for. Make friends with the warehouse staff, they will surely put a smile on your face. When you don’t know where something is, ask Kim, I guarantee she knows. Alex and Clark are great guys who will be there for you no matter what you are going through, both in and out of work. Finally, if you get to experience a birthday lunch at ALE and they decide to order Howling Wolf … get the Howling Wolf Burrito.

Danielle C. – Engineering

Dani is from Tujunga, CA and is studying Bioengineering at Endicott College. She’s a Service Intern working on instrumentation in the ALE Service Dept.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m fulfilling a semester-long internship here at ALE, as I prepare for life after graduation in the Spring. I’m from the greater Los Angeles area and chose to travel to school when I was 16. I went to a boarding school named The Loomis Chaffee School in Connecticut where I was a tri-varsity student-athlete. After high school, Endicott College recruited me to play NCAA Women’s Ice Hockey. I played for two seasons. I’m now focusing on my future, which will hopefully entail pharmaceutical sciences one day. The opportunity given to me by ALE has provided me with real-life experiences and skills I can take with me along to any of my future jobs, not to mention the introduction it offered me to meet some amazing people along the way.

How did you hear about the internship opportunity at ALE?

Mareena, an intern last year, was my roommate and encouraged me to look into the internship here at ALE.

What is your internship role and typical responsibilities?

I’m an intern in the Service lab, working on diagnostic testing and troubleshooting for the lab equipment.

How does this internship experience help you in your studies and your future career?

This internship provides me with experience with different types of lab equipment, software, and even expands my network.

What’s the most (surprisingly) beneficial thing that you learned during your internship?

The most surprising thing I learned is not necessarily about my internship, but how Phil (ALE’s Chief Procurement Officer) and Victoria (ALE’s CEO) both studied things completely different than business management and sales yet they are thriving in this small business.

What’s the best part of your experience at ALE?

The best part of this internship is working with a close-knit group of people. I felt very welcomed at ALE. It’ss nice to know that coming to work is a friendly and even fun environment to be in.

What do you hope to do after graduation?

After I graduate, I hope to gain a little more experience in biotechnology before going back to school for pharmaceutical sciences.

Any helpful tips for the next interns?

Some helpful tips for incoming and/or future interns are to manage your time wisely, allow yourself to be patient when working on more difficult projects, and that it’s okay to double and even triple check your work to ensure the best outcome.

Luke W. – Engineering

Luke is from Pleasant Hill, CA, near San Francisco, and is majoring in Bioengineering at Endicott College. He’s also a Service Intern in the ALE Service Dept.

Tell us a little about yourself

I live about 30 minutes northeast of San Francisco in a city called Pleasant Hill. I’ve been a student at Endicott since 2015, but plan to move back to the Bay Area after graduation. I’m majoring in Bioengineering. I’ve always done best in math and science compared to other subjects such as history and English. I figured I could combine my math and science passion by studying Bioengineering at Endicott.

How did you hear about the internship opportunity at ALE?

A former classmate of mine previously interned at ALE and loved it. She was also a bioengineer and enjoyed the small company as well as the hands-on aspect of working at ALE.

What is your internship job and typical responsibilities?

My position at ALE is an Intern with the Service and Testing Lab. On a typical day, I’ll test multiple machines for Novartis and the ALE Outlet. Testing can vary from basic functions such as on/off and motor operation to diagnostics and repairs for broken equipment. After servicing a piece of equipment, I will write a service report. This will inform the sales department about the equipment, if it can be sold, and how they should list it.

How does this internship experience help you in your studies and your future career?

This internship provided me with hands-on experience for common laboratory equipment. I have knowledge of a variety of equipment types and manufacturers now. I believe hands-on experience opens many different career opportunities and will allow me to strive in the career that I choose.

What’s the most (surprisingly) beneficial thing that you learned during your internship?

Other than the knowledge I have gained on specific pieces of equipment, the most beneficial thing I’ve learned at ALE is the importance of networking and connecting with your co-workers. ALE has a tight community between its employees and I was able to make connections quickly and feel comfortable with my co-workers.

What’s the best part of your experience at ALE?

It has to be the wide variety of equipment that I get to work on. I also enjoy the supportive and friendly community between the employees of ALE. It’s great to see that the community feeling at ALE is also shared with the customers.

What do you hope to do after graduation?

I hope to become an Associate Sales Representative at a medical device company. I plan to go back to California and work near home for a year or two before finding my way to San Diego. I’m striving to work at a medical device company in San Diego, and looking forward to the future experiences that will be added to my ALE experience.

Any helpful tips for the next interns?

Work hard on each project and don’t be afraid to branch out of your comfort zone.

Massachusetts Life Science Center (MLSC) Internship Challenge Program

ALE is fortunate to be in the heart of the global biotech industry. There are many benefits that Massachusetts has to offer, and great internship opportunities are one of them. Two of ALE’s interns are supported through the Massachusetts Life Science Center’s Internship Challenge program this semester. This is a great program that helps match companies that have available internships with students looking for opportunities.
The goal of the MLSC Internship Challenge program is several-fold, providing:
  • an enlarged pool of young talent for Massachusetts biotech companies
  • more real-life experiential opportunities for students in the life sciences
  • support for the Massachusetts life science community for education and business
In addition, the program offers a stipend to help companies fund internships. We’re happy to participate in this wonderful program. It allows Atlantic Lab Equipment to offer more internship opportunities.
Thanks again to our incredible interns. We wish them lots of success in their future endeavors. And a special thanks to the MLSC for their Internship Challenge program.

ALE Hosts Successful Donation Day In February

Donation Day – Two Years of Giving

Donation Day shoppers from local schools shopping for free lab equipment
Atlantic Lab Equipment hosted a Donation Day in February. This marks the second year of the company’s give back program. ALE’s Donation Day invites local schools to pick out free, used laboratory equipment. The donations go to small schools and non-profit institutes – usually local high schools and colleges. Some of the most recent beneficiaries include:

The Origin

Founder and CEO, Victoria Jackson, started Donation Days two years ago after buying a large amount of lab equipment from Dupont. Dupont closed its experimental station in Delaware, selling everything in the labs. “We started Donation Days to clear out some of our smaller lab items, but it has grown into a great way for us to give back to the community,” said Jackson. “We are particularly happy that students in local schools learn from the donated equipment. It would be great if some of those students find their passion and go on to careers in the sciences.” The program is now a regular event at the company. Donation Days occur about three to four times per year at the company’s Salem, MA facilities.

Why Donate?

Collection of lab equipment getting ready for the next Donation Day back in the ALE warehouse
Of course, Atlantic Lab Equipment’s business is selling used and refurbished lab equipment. ALE has an active eBay store – the ALE Outlet – where small lab equipment like these sell at discounted prices. So why donate these items at all? There are a few reasons lab equipment can end up on the donation rack. First, the donated items must be in good working order. But lab items that we have too many of, or are a bit “vintage”, or may have cosmetic blemishes, would be up for donation.
The events are invitation only. Invitees can claim the items in person on the day of the event. It’s first-come, first-served, but there’s usually plenty of useful equipment to go around. Is your school is in the Greater Boston area? Would you like to hear about upcoming Donation Days? If so, contact Atlantic Lab Equipment at answers@atlanticlabequipment.com to apply.