Eight Things You Want to Know About The Atlantic Lab Equipment Outlet Store

Atlantic Lab Equipment is headquartered on the North Shore of Boston. We have a second facility in San Diego. And, we buy and sell lab equipment globally. A big part of that global business is thanks to our ALE Outlet Store, which we call “ALOE”. In addition to our direct sales, service, and support, we’ve been operating an eBay Storefront since 2010. There we sell a wide range of lab equipment at great prices. Instruments from ALOE have made their way to China, India, Tanzania, many places around the U.S., and around the world. We thought you might like to learn a little more about ALOE – The Atlantic Lab Equipment Outlet Store.

1. Why did you start an outlet store?

We buy lab equipment from a variety of sources. In some cases, we pick and choose the specific instruments that we want. In other cases, we buy a whole labs-worth of equipment. And, we also work with large clients to help manage their lab equipment assets. Often we’ll need to sell instruments they no longer need – whatever it may be.

The ALE outlet gives us a way to reach out to a large audience through the granddaddy of online marketplaces. eBay is second only to Amazon Marketplace with over $90 billion in products sold in 2018. This gives a different set of customers another way to find us. Here they can get the instruments they want for a great price, backed by a reputable company.

2. How is ALOE different from ALE’s main business?

Our primary business centers around refurbishing and selling sophisticated lab equipment for liquid handling/lab automation, analytical chemistry, detection systems, and genomics systems. These tend to be larger systems that may need configuration or integration. In contrast, many of the items we sell on ALOE are smaller, more common types of lab equipment. Although, we do get some big items on there.

3. What are the most popular items in the outlet store?

We sell a lot of different types of lab equipment. Almost anything that we get at ALE can end up in the ALE Outlet. Occasionally, we get some non-lab equipment, like power tools. When we buy whole labs or large lots of equipment, there can be other items besides laboratory equipment. One way or another, we find a home for most things. Our best selling lab items are:

  • Bench-top centrifuges, micro-centrifuges
  • Thermal cyclers
  • HPLC components
  • Mixers, shakers, vortexers
  • Waters baths
  • Vacuum pumps

4. What are the smallest and biggest items you’ve sold at the ALE Outlet?

We’ve sold many small items – hand pipettors, micro-centrifuges. We currently have a NanoDrop UV/Vis spectrophotometer. That’s pretty small, especially considering what it does. The largest item we’ve sold in ALOE was a mass spectrometer. Although, we have a Biacore surface plasmon resonance system in the store right now. That’s probably the biggest item we’ve ever listed.

5. How much does the equipment cost?

Considering that you can find everything from water baths to mass specs in the ALE Outlet, prices cover a very wide range. Generally, prices start around $100, and a few pieces of equipment can reach close to $100k. Although the median price in ALOE is around $1500. There are many items within reach of even modest budgets.

6. Are items in the ALE Outlet lower quality than items you sell directly?

We like to sell great, high-quality equipment to ALL our customers, including the outlet store. It doesn’t do us any good to have an unhappy researcher on the other end of a transaction. Many of our clients are repeat customers. So, selling sub-par products doesn’t give them a reason to come back again. Right now, we have 100% positive reviews and we like to keep it that way.

We inspect everything that comes through our door. Most items come with a 30-day no hassle guarantee. If you have any problems with the instrument in the first month, we’ll replace it or you can return it for a refund. Extended warranties and service contracts are available for some items.

We sell some items “as-is”, but this is pretty rare, and the reason is clearly stated. The item could be incomplete or non-functional but may have value as parts. Of course, “as-is” items, are available at exceptional prices.

7. Why do you call it “ALOE”? That doesn’t make sense. Shouldn’t it be “ALEO”?

Yes. It probably should, but that’s one of those things that happens sometimes. Of course, the proper acronym would be “ALEO” – for Atlantic Lab Equipment Outlet. But it became natural to refer to the outlet business as “AL-owe” around the company. And, I guess we started spelling it the way it sounded instead of how it reads. OK. It’s a little weird, but it’s our kind of weird. It just feels right to say, “‘AL-owe’ is having a great month.” Somehow, “this centrifuge is going on ‘AL-lee-owe'”, or “we’ve got a bunch of ‘al-LEE-owe’ shipments to get out today” isn’t quite the same.

8. How can I learn more about ALOE – The Atlantic Lab Equipment Outlet Store on eBay?

You can go right to the ALE Outlet and find great deals on a wide range of lab equipment. To help customers find us in eBay, we set up a web address that will take you there directly: http://www.aleoutlet.com.

One of the best ways to keep up with the ALE Outlet is through social media. We feature lab equipment daily and announce deals on our Twitter and Facebook accounts. So, follow us to see what’s new and interesting in the outlet store:

Twitter: @AtlanticLab

Facebook: @atlanticlabequipment