Precise Automation Microplate and Tube Handling Robotics Information

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Precise Automation is the global leader in collaborative robot arms

What is a Collaborative Robot?

To put it simply, collaborative robots play nicely with others. And Precise Automation is the global leader in collaborative robot arms. The PreciseFlex cobots are compatible with:

Lab personnel – The PF400 and PF300 robotic arms are so safe that no safety enclosures or collision zones are needed. The robots are low-force and can occupy the same space as employees without fear of injury.

Lab space – With no need for space-consuming safety enclosures and the flexible envelope of the PF400 robot, it’s easy to set up sophisticated integrated applications in tight quarters. Laboratory space is always at a premium and collaborative robotics helps you make the most of it.

Lab equipment – Precise Automation’s microplate sample handlers have been connected with many different lab devices (liquid handlers, plate readers, plate washers, stackers, incubators, centrifuges, dispensers, labelers, storage management … and more). A large library of device drivers is available to integrate your equipment and the easy-to-use software makes teaching and operation a breeze.

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Robot Sales – Service – Integration

Atlantic Lab Equipment has partnered with Precise Automation to provide

  • sales
  • service and repairs
  • integrations and solution development

for Precise Automation’s entire line of PreciseFlex collaborative robots (cobots) for the life science laboratory.