Service, Support, Applications, and Integration Development

Repair, Troubleshoot & Maintain

ALE provides both service and technical support, including trouble shooting (phone support), as well as preventative maintenance agreements, and service contracts. Our team of experts will provide your lab with full-service support from pre-sales evaluation to post sales support. We work remotely and on-site to resolve hardware, software, and other general service issues. With staff located throughout the US, our responses are timely, and your instrument downtime is minimal.

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Installation of an Air LiHa Robotic Arm on a Tecan EVO system. These arms use air displacement to provide high-precision pipetting, making the use of system liquids unnecessary.
Installation of a Tecan EVO Colony Picker Solution, which is set up for colony picking, gene assembly & transformations, extractions, and PCR setup.

Installation & Training

Following established and documented installation procedures is imperative for the overall performance of your systems. ALE can provide you top-quality installation and training, addressing both Operational and safety concerns.

Integration, Application Development & Redeployment

ALE can integrate devices and offer customized solutions (application development) to improve process flow and lab thruput. ALE also offers redeployment services to repurpose your used equipment.


Utilizing Tecan, Beckman, Agilent, and Hamilton, the popular manufacturers, ALE can develop and integrate complete lab automation solutions. Our capabilities include:

  • Application Development
  • Programing on the liquid handling system
  • Develop processes to improve workflow and throughput
  • Integration of peripheral devices such as:
    • Plate Centrifuges
    • Plate Readers
    • Plate Washers
    • Heating & Cooling Devices
    • Plate Sealers
    • Plate Storage Units
    • Robot Arms and Plate Handling Devices

We also develop and implement other automation-friendly devices to the Tecan platform.

Our SLAS-2016 application station, where we exhibit one of our integrated systems for the Tecan Liquid Handler. This configuration utilizes a Velocity11 plate centrifuge, Tecan plate reader, and Robotic Manipulator arm.

Application Development & Redeployment

ALE offers customized solutions for your lab, including robotic programming to address your specific application.

In addition, our experts will help you redeploy your assets internally as well as selling or trading off your used lab instruments. ALE is interested in acquiring quality used lab equipment such as:

  • Liquid handling / Pipetting / Dispensing robots
  • Laboratory automation / Plate handling robotics
  • Plate readers and washers
  • Liquid chromatography/ HPLC / UPLC systems
  • Gas chromatography / GC systems
  • Mass spectrometers
  • NMR systems
  • Centrifuges
  • PCR and Genomics Instruments
  • Sample storage systems