Agilent G6530A QToF – 1290 LC Injector – Agilent 1290 HPLC


System includes: Agilent 6530A QToF Mass Spectrometer, 1290 Infinity LC Injector HTC, Agilent 1290 TCC, 1290 Binary Pump, Solvent Tray, bottles, Edwards pump, connection cables, computer, monitor and power cords.

The Agilent 6530A Quadrupole Time of Flight LC/MS system is the ideal mass spec system for the analysis of low molecular weight compounds. This system delivers accurate mass quantitation to less than and expanded dynamic range enabled by the Agilent Jet Stream ion source technology compared to standard ESI ion sources. The MassHunter software offers advanced control and analysis features for compound identification, screening, profiling, characterization and quantitation.

  • < 2-ppm mass accuracy – reduces false positives
  • > 20,000 mass resolution – discerns target compounds from noise
  • Wide mass range to 20,000 m/z
  • High femtogram sensitivity – enables identification of very low-abundance compounds
  • Up to 5 order dynamic range (in-spectrum) – provides better trace-level analyte resolution to avoid masking by high abundance compounds
  • Data acquisition rates of up to 40 spectra/second – compatible with fast LC methods

System is refurbished and includes 90-day warranty

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