AGILENT BenchCel 4R Microplate Handler

Microplate Handler

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The Agilent BenchCel Microplate Handler is the perfect companion to the Agilent Bravo liquid handling workstation or any other workstation. This system can feed a large number of plates and tip boxes quickly to expand the walk-away time of your protocols.

This Agilent BenchCel includes 4 stackers (but 2- and 6-stacker models are available as well). The system is:

  • Quick – 8 second access time per plate
  • Flexible – Handles a wide range of standard and deep-well microplates, microtubes, and disposable tip boxes
  • High capacity – Holds up to 60 standard microplates per stack for a total capacity of 240 plates for the 4 stack model
  • Feature rich – Can also lid / de-lid plates, can barcodes, or be integrated with a barcode printer

Integrate the Agilent BenchCel with other devices through VWorks software or native device drivers

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BenchCel 4R