BECKMAN COULTER Biomek NXp Automated Workstation

Liquid Handling Automation Workstation

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The compact and cost-effective Beckman Coulter Biomek NXp automated workstation is available with two pipetting models – Multi-channel (96-tip or 384-tip) arm or Span 8 arm (8 independent pipetting channels). Both configurations combine the benefits of a small footprint with the increased efficiency and flexibility for a medium to high-throughput liquid handling system. Open-ended flexibility enables integration capability based on your workflow needs.

The Biomek NXp liquid handling system features easy-to-use, icon-driven software and a library of ready-to-run methods. Configure the instrument to your specifications and choose from a wide range of components to build your optimal lab automation solution.

Benefits of the Beckman Biomek NXp include:

  • Multi-channel (96 or 384) or Span 8 pipetting models
  • Precise pipetting from 1 μl – 1000 μl for Span 8
  • 360° rotating gripper provides access to from the left and right as well as integrated devices on the back of the instrument
  • Open-frame design provides additional workspace for on-deck integrations and storage
  • Light curtain pauses instrument operations if a foreign object enters the work area without the loss of data upon restarting a workflow
  • Fly-By barcode reader to track sample IDs
  • Septum piercing and clot detection
  • Heating, cooling and shaking Automated Labware Positioners (ALPs)
  • Benchtop instrument

ALE provides quality automated platforms, fully serviced and tested per Beckman specifications.

Includes the following for a Beckman Biomek NXp automated workstation in Span 8 configuration:

  • Span 8 Arm
  • Choice of Syringe Size
  • Gripper
  • ALPS – to be determined
  • (1) Tip wash station
  • (1) Tip waste station
  • Accuframe
  • Windows Win7 PC Workstation w/Monitor, Keyboard & Mouse
  • Beckman Coulter Biomek NXp Software
  • Fully Serviced & Tested
  • 90-Day Complete Parts & Labor Warranty in the U.S.

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