BIOTEK ELx405 Plate Washer

Plate Washer

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The Biotek ELx405 microplate washers are both efficient and space conscious in all lab settings. The BiotekELx405 platewasher features a patented dual-action manifold to ensure fast operating time and overall cleaning efficiency. Contrary to its small size, the ELx405 plate washer series comes fully loaded with an array of preprogrammed plate washer settings to guarantee optimal performance no matter the microplate type. Among these programs, the ELx405 also employs unique AutoPrime and AutoRinse functions for both speedy maintenance and quick prep times. This Biotek ELx405 microplate washer is in excellent condition and is tested to perform at factory specifications by our technical team at ALE.  The pump and bottle set is optional based on lab requirements. Plate Readers Molecular Devices Plate Readers Perkin Elmer

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