Blood Separation System – Tecan EVO 200

Integrated Tecan-based system with barcoding, septum piercing, and centrifuge

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This integrated liquid handling system is designed for separation of white blood cells from whole blood. It’s based around a Tecan Freedom EVO 200 with two pick-and-place arms for tube and plate handling, an 8-channel Liquid LiHa arm with custom septum-piercing fixed tips and 5 mL syringes, and an integrated barcode reader for positive ID sample tracking. The system is compact for its capabilities, including a Hettich automated centrifuge mounted below deck, all contained in a custom positive pressure, HEPA-filtered, UV-illuminated safety enclosure.

System Includes:

  • Tecan Freedom EVO 200 equipped with:
    • 1x Pick and Place Arm
    • 1x 8-channel LiHa Arm with 5mL syringes, custom piercing tips, and extended lines w/ 15mL capacity
    • 1x RoMa Arm
    • Touch Screen Monitor and PC loaded with Touch Tools
    • Integrated Barcode Reader
  • HEPA Filter Enclosure with UV & Fluorescent Lighting
  • Custom table
  • Rotisserie to house (16x) 16x100mm, (8x) 13×100, and (8x) 13x75mm Vacutainers
  • Custom Pierce Plate
  • TE-Shake Orbital Shaker
  • Hettich Rotanta 460 Robotic Centrifuge
  • Cole-Parmer Masterflex 6-Channel Head Peristaltic Pump connected to custom aspiration module
  • Accessories:
    • Centrifuge inserts
    • Tube racks
    • Microplate racks
    • Deep wash station for probes
    • Custom aspiration module
    • Custom probes

We prefer to sell the system as a complete unit but will entertain offers for the subsystems. The system is sold AS-IS, however, optional warranty and installation are available.