BRUKER ultrafleXtreme MALDI-TOF/TOF Mass Spectrometer

TOF/TOF Mass Spectrometer

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Smartbeam-II laser enables ultra-high data aquisition speed in both MS and MS/MS at full systems performance. Smartbeam laser provides superior analytical and matrix flexibility in workflows from protein tissue imaging, intact proteins analysis, glycoproteomics, etc., all fully enabled at 1-2000 Hz repetition rates.

Bruker’s patented smartbeam technology is already widely accepted as a superior MALDI imaging laser technology. Laser focus diameters down to 10um for high spatial resolution imaging without pixel overlap. Importantly, outstanding spectral quality and signal intensity are maintained at even the smallest laser beam diameters. Mass resolving power up to 40,000 enables precision proteomics via Bruker’s unique PAN technology for highest mass resolution across a very broad mass range, not just at a selected optimum.

The novel FlashDetector combined with a minimum of 4 GHz digitizer and latest advances in electronics provide mass resolving power up to 40,000 and 1 ppm mass accuracy. Laser-irradiation self-cleaning Ion Source ensures robust, long-term high performance operation. Very long MALDI laser lifetime in combination with automated source cleaning leads to high uptime and low maintenance costs.

Latest TOF/TOF technology: The high efficiency and sensitivity of the LID-LIFT process delivers MS/MS spectra with nominal mass resolution for peptides. Typically, full MS/MS data sets can be acquired with up to 1000 Hz laser repetition rate from low fmol levels within seconds. The Bruker bioinformatics software is perfectly adapted to analyze and visualize the match between the raw spectra and annotated peptide and protein structures.

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