Fluotics 384 Head Compatible Tips: Fltr. Strl. Cond. (20uL)


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Manufacturer: Fluotics
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Fluotics 30uL (20uL working volume) sterile, filtered and conductive tips - Agilent compatible - Listed price is per 1 case 

Manufacturer’s SKU: AGI-30.F
384 tips per rack 
3,840 tips per pack
5 packs per case 

Sterile, Conductive and Filtered tips 
Working volume of 20uL 
Made for use with “Agilent VPrep and Bravo, Beckman Biomek FX/NX series and Multimek, and PerkinElmer Evolution P3 and Janus and Tecan Freedom Evo and Fluent” as per the Manufacturer 
Designed to provide greater precision and accuracy than smaller volume tips

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