ILLUMINA NextSeq 550 DNA Sequencer

DNA Sequencer

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The Illumina NextSeq 550 DNA sequencer holds an important place in the industry-leading Illumina next-generation sequencing (NGS) system portfolio. The NextSeq 550 system delivers high-throughput sequencing with the simplicity of a desktop sequencer. The fast, integrated workflow makes quick work of sequencing exomes, panels, transcriptomes, and even up to a whole human genome, in a single run. And, it’s easy to switch to lower-throughput sequencing for smaller projects or samples, such as amplicon sequencing. The benchtop design fits easily into any molecular research laboratory, with no need for specialized equipment. The NextSeq 550 system also combines the ability to scan Illumina BeadChip Arrays.

The intuitive user interface and load-and-go operation enable researchers to perform more sequencing applications at the highest depth and resolution. It takes less than 10 minutes to load and set up a NextSeq System. While other platforms require several pieces of specialized equipment, the NextSeq Series integrates cluster generation and sequencing into a single instrument and offers a seamless transition for onsite or cloud-based data analysis. After preparation using a simple, streamlined Illumina library prep kit, libraries are loaded into a NextSeq System where sequencing is automated and fast. Data are generated in as little as 12 hours for a 75-cycle sequencing run and less than 30 hours for paired 150-cycle reads. By employing the Illumina industry-leading sequencing by synthesis (SBS) chemistry and file format conventions, the NextSeq Series offers customers access to the broadest ecosystem of established protocols, workflows, data sets, and data analysis tools.

System Specifications:
Max Read Length: 2 x 150 bp (2 x 75 bp & 1 x 75 bp also available)
Output: 16 – 120 Gb
Reads: Up to 800 million
Quality: >75% bases at Q30

This system requires that a recertification health check be performed with on-site installation and the purchase of a new software license. These are purchased directly from, and performed by, Illumina and are not included in the quoted price from ALE.

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