SCIEX API 4000 QTRAP w/Shimadzu LC

Mass Spectrometer


Complete LC/MS system including:

  • Sciex API-4000 QTRAP Mass Spectrometer:
    • Mass Spectrometer Unit
    • Rough Pump
    • Computer
  • Shimadzu Prominence HPLC System
    • CBM-20A Controller
    • SIL-20AC Autosampler
    • LC-20AD Pump
    • DGU-20A5 Degasser
    • CTO-20A Column Oven
  • Optional:
    • UPS
    • Nitrogen Generator
    • Can also be configured with Agilent 1200 or 1260 Series HPLC system

The Sciex API 4000 QTRAP Mass Spectrometer System delivers high-performance quantitation and identification of small molecules, peptides, and proteins across a wide range of LC flow rates. The API 4000 QTRAP LC-MS/MS system employs hybrid triple-quadrupole and linear ion trap technologies to analyze a wide range of molecule sizes and sample types. This mass spec system is perfect additional to the analytical chemistry lab for:

  • Quantitative analysis of small molecules
  • Qualitative analysis of small molecules
  • Qualitative analysis of proteins and peptides

Sciex API 4000 Features:

  • Proven Curtain Gas™ Interface technology, combined with improved gas dynamics, reduces maintenance and increases uptime.
  • Enhanced, high-flow-rate performance, reduced ionization suppression, self-cleaning probe design, and reliable interface are combined to produce accelerated productivity and high throughput.
  • Analyst® Software facilitates GLP compliance, including the ability to support 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.

API 4000 Mass Spectrometer Specifications:
Detector Type: Pulse-counting channel electron multiplier (CEM) detector
Ionization sources: TurbolonSpray Ion Source
Scan Types: Q1 MS, Q3 MS, Product Ion, Precursor Ion, Neutral Loss or Gain, MRM

ALE can configure a complete LC-MS/MS system for you including a refurbished HPLC/UHPLC system, gas generator, rough pump, and other accessories. This system is provided fully refurbished by Atlantic Lab Equipment with a 90-day warranty. On-site installation is available.

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4000 QTRAP