Sciex 4500 QQQ w/Shimadzu Prominence LC/MS System

LC/MS System

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Complete LC/MS system including:

  • Sciex 4500 QQQ Mass Spectrometer:
    • Mass Spectrometer Unit
    • Rough Pump
    • Computer
  • Shimadzu Prominence HPLC System
    • CBM-20A Controller
    • SIL-20AC Autosampler
    • LC-20AD Pump
    • DGU-20A5 Degasser
    • CTO-20A Column Oven
  • Optional:
    • UPS
    • Nitrogen Generator
    • CTC PAL Autosampler also available as an alternative
    • Can also be configured with Agilent 1200 or 1260 Series HPLC system

The Sciex 4500 Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer is a workhorse system for a wide range of analytical applications. This system features the Turbo V ion source. Its fast 50 ms polarity switching and 20,000 Da/s scan speed allows the analysis of compounds with different functional groups to be measured in a single pass.

The 4500 comes fully refurbished with a 90-day warranty.