TECAN Freedom EVO 200 Automated Liquid Handler

Automated Liquid Handler

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The Tecan Freedom EVO 200 is the largest version of Freedom EVO series, and one of the most popular and reliable lab automation systems in the market. The refurbished Freedom EVO platform is flexible and configurable.  This proven liquid handling platform enables you to create your system according to your particular application needs with the help of the ALE application team.

The EVO series comes in multiple configurations and with a variety of accessories to meet your specific requirements.  ALE offers both the Air LiHa and Liquid LiHa systems for pipetting as well as the MCA 96 head. Additionally, systems can be configured with a RoMa, PosID or Pick/Place arm, if needed.

As the market leader, the Tecan platform is used in a variety of applications:

  • General Liquid Handling
  • Genomics –  PCR Set Up, DNA Purifications, NGS
  • Sample Prep for Mass Spec, SPE, Toxicology
  • Cell Biology Applications:  Bioprocessing, ADME,
  • Integration with other laboratory robotics systems

The ALE team is able to configure, develop methods and provide post-sales support for all Tecan liquid handlers.

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Freedom EVO 200