Thermo Electron Crs C500c Controller For F3 Robot

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The C500C controller is the second-generation design of the C500 family. It combines an embedded computer system with a high voltage power supply for the arm.  

Safety circuits allow the user to develop robot applications efficiently and safely. 

The underlying operating system, namely CROS (CRS Robotics Robot Operating System), is a compact, real-time, multi-tasking operating system.
Internal timing and data checks are carried out continuously by the system to make it fail-safe in the event of a serious failure.

The Front Panel The C500C front panel contains all the control functions required for standalone robot system operation and a LCD status display. These front panel controls can be duplicated on a remote panel at an operator’s station, if the operator’s station is located away from the controller.


• Application master:  The platform on which applications are developed and executed.  It also controls the user interface.
• Motion control engine (MCE):  The platform on which arm motion and I/O are calculated and controlled
• Auxiliary board
• Power supply
• I/O