Sell or Swap Lab Equipment

Do you have unused lab equipment that’s collecting dust? Or worse, is it taking up valuable lab space?

Another great way to stretch your laboratory’s budget is to sell or trade off your unused lab instruments. Atlantic Lab Equipment is always interested in acquiring great used lab equipment, particularly sophisticated instruments such as:

  • Liquid handling / Pipetting / Dispensing robots
  • Laboratory automation / Plate handling robotics
  • Plate readers and washers
  • Liquid chromatography/ HPLC / UPLC systems
  • Gas chromatography / GC systems
  • Mass spectrometers
  • NMR systems
  • Centrifuges
  • Spectrophotometers / Luminometers / Fluorometers / Multi-mode detection instruments
  • Sample storage systems

… and many other lab instruments and equipment

Why would you sell your lab equipment?

  • You’ve purchased new equipment, and no longer need the old lab instruments.
    Talk to us BEFORE you purchase. We can probably offer you more value for your old equipment than the manufacturer’s trade-in value or discount. And, if you’re buying instruments from a different manufacturer, they probably don’t want the competitor’s old equipment anyway.
  • Your lab’s focus has changed and you don’t perform the methods provided by the old equipment anymore.
  • You ran out of lab space, and something has to go.
  • You ran out of capital budget, but you really need that other lab instrument (and don’t want to wait until next year).
    Ask us about trade-ins. We offer a bonus if you swap your instrument for something we have that you want.
  • Someone bought that thing a while ago that nobody ever used. (We’re looking at you, Larry!)
  • Your lab is moving or closing.

Benefits of selling your used equipment to ALE

  • Extend your lab equipment budget for the year. We pay you for your old equipment, or trade it for something else and get a bonus.
  • Free-up valuable laboratory space or storage space.
  • Get those high-value items off of your company’s books.
  • Remove all traces of Larry’s boondoggle and move on.

Send us your lab equipment list and get a quote today!

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