Terms & Conditions

Atlantic Lab Equipment Terms and Conditions of Sale

Issuing a purchase order to Atlantic Lab Equipment Inc. (“ALE”), or purchasing an item on-line through the ALE website, acknowledges acceptance of the terms and conditions stated herein which cover warranties for items purchased as well as various ALE Responsibilities and Customer Responsibilities when purchasing from ALE. These terms and conditions only apply to sales in the continental United States.

ALE sells new, used, and refurbished laboratory equipment. Most used or refurbished items come with either a 30-Day Right of Return or a 90-Day Parts & Labor warranty, as specified with the item. New items will generally come with a warranty from the manufacturer and ALE will manage that warranty on behalf of the manufacturer. Other items may have no warranty and are sold “As-Is.” The terms of each warranty type are set forth below.

No additional warranties are either given or implied. ALE will not accept any returns that do not comply with the provisions herein.

Any modifications by the customer to the item(s) purchased prior to, during the installation, or after the installation will void the warranty, require the item to be paid for in full (if any balance remains), and remove any further warranty responsibility on the part of ALE.


ALE will not be liable for incidental, consequential, or special damages or losses due to instrument failure, power surges, environmental influences, operator error, abuse, neglect, and modifications of any kind.

  1. The following will void all warranty responsibility of ALE.
  2. Any faults caused by operator error, abuse, neglect, modifications of any kind, power surges, and environmental influences.
  3. Any consumables or items used in maintenance not authorized by the manufacturer or not intended for use with the item.
  4. Programming errors and/or problems caused by the introduction of components that were not part of the original item configuration.
  5. Any faults caused by relocating the item after initial installation.
  6. Any faults caused by reprogramming of items and components required to meet a specific application.
  7. Any faults caused by programming required to integrate, or damage caused by the integration of, additional components not included in the purchase of the item(s).


30-Day Right of Return:

For items designated as having a 30-Day Right of Return, if the item does not function properly (and such condition is not due to the failure of the customer to perform the Customer Responsibilities set forth below), the customer has 30 days to contact ALE and request a return of the item for either a full refund or an equivalent fully functioning item, at ALE’s sole discretion. Items must be returned within 10 days of receiving an RMA (return material authorization) from ALE or else the warranty is void and no refund or replacement item will be sent to the customer.

90-Day Full Parts & Labor Warranty:

For items designated as having a 90-Day warranty, if the item does not function properly within the first 90 days (and such condition is not due to the failure of the customer to perform the Customer Responsibilities set forth below), ALE will troubleshoot and, if necessary, repair the equipment.ALE will cover the cost of all parts and labor charges to make the item functional. Parts can be new or reconditioned. A service provider designated by ALE will perform all repairs.

Depending on the item type and its location, at ALE’s sole discretion, service may be performed at the customer’s location or ALE may ask the customer to send the item to one of ALE’s facilities for depot repair. ALE will cover the cost of shipping the item both to and from the repair depot.

Notice of Problem: ALE requires the customer to notify ALE of any problems and to work with ALE or its designated service technician to troubleshoot the system over the telephone.

Knowledgeable Representative: For onsite repair, the Customer must prepare the item and have a knowledgeable operator available when the service representative arrives to make any warranty repairs.

Return for Depot Repair: If it is determined by ALE that the item needs to be returned for service, the customer will be responsible for the proper packaging of the item. It is required that the customer keep and use original packaging from ALE or else the warranty will be void it is determined that the item is shipped to the repair depot utilizing insufficient packaging material.

Manufacturer’s Warranty:

New equipment sold by ALE will typically come with a warranty from the manufacturer. If you have problems during the warranty period, contact ALE and we will arrange for service or replacement according to the terms of the manufacturer’s warranty policy.

As-Is – No Warranty:

For items sold “As-Is”, ALE does not guarantee any performance nor functionality. ALE does not accept returns nor offer repairs for “As-Is” items. ALE will use reasonable efforts to describe the item in detail, including any known issues on the ALE website. Items sold “As-Is” are typically “vintage” equipment, parts, partial systems, or equipment sold for parts.

ALE’s Responsibilities

ALE will be responsible for the packaging and delivery of the item to the customer’s loading dock/package receiving door. Smaller/lighter items will typically ship via a parcel carrier (e.g. FedEx, UPS, or similar). Larger/heavier items will typically ship by LTL truck freight designated by ALE. All items ordered will be shipped with insurance. Items ordered via the website to be shipped via LTL freight will use a carrier with a liftgate.

Customer’s General Responsibilities

Prior to Delivery: Customer is responsible for any site alterations, rigging, or inside delivery required to locate the item at the designated site in the Customer’s facility. The customer will be responsible for all site preparation (utilities, gases, location & environment).

Other: Any validation protocols and application development are the responsibilities of the customer and their chosen vendors. ALE is not responsible for any validation or application-specific performance and ALE does not perform any such tests, validations, or evaluations at the Customer’s site. In addition, all software or firmware upgrades will be the responsibility of the customer.

Customer’s Financial Responsibilities

Any past due invoices will accrue a finance charge of 1.5% monthly on the unpaid balance until paid in full.

Non-warranty repairs and service labor are subject to additional charges. All non-warranty repair costs will be the responsibility of the customer.