Liquid Handlers

ALE has advanced expertise in liquid handling and lab automation systems. The most popular applications are as follows:

  • General Liquid Handling
  • Genomics – PCR Set Up, DNA Purifications, NGS Library Prep
  • Sample Prep for Mass Spec, SPE, Toxicology and other clinical applications
  • Cell Biology Applications:  High Content Screening, Bioprocessing, ADME/Tox
  • Integration with other laboratory robotics systems

ALE provides both stand-alone and integrated laboratory robotics systems, as well as a full range of automated peripherals. We support and integrate systems from all major liquid handler manufacturers including:

  • Tecan Freedom EVO
  • Agilent Bravo
  • Beckman Biomek
  • Hamilton STAR and STARlet, and others.

EVO’s can be custom configured with a variety of arms and accessories to meet your needs.

  • Eight Independent Channel LiHa systems for pipetting
  • MCA 96 arm for multichannel dispensing
  • RoMA for moving 96, or 384 well plates
  • PNP or Pick/Place arm (for tubes)
  • PosID3 arm for bar code reading for tubes
  • Fixed Bar Code readers for plates or tunes

The Tecan Freedom EVO is one of the most popular, flexible and reliable lab automation systems on the market and comes in the following popular configurations:

  • The EVO 200 (Two Meter Deck with 69 Grid positions)
  • The EVO 150 (1.5 Meter Deck with 45 grid positions)
  • The EVO 100 (One Meter Deck with 30 grid positions)

ALE has the most expertise with the Tecan EVO, and it is ALE’s most popular product.

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