Precise Automation (secondary)

Key Benefits

  • 4-axis sample handler.
  • Ideal for benchtop applications where a small footprint is desired.
  • Ease of use:
    • Integrated software for ease of visual feedback.
    • Powerful embedded vision-guided motion controller.
    • Standard servo gripper can grip Life Science plates in both portrait and landscape orientations.
    • Auto centering.
    • Generates programmable smooth and elegant motion sequences by moving the sample handler by hand to start and end positions.
    • Simple programming language.
    • Graphical user interface makes camera calibration and programming easy and intuitive.
    • Web based operator interface supports local or remote control via browser connected to embedded web server.
    • Quiet and high-performance servo motors.
    • Safety features that disable motor when a minimal unexpected force is encountered allowing the device to operate without safety shields.

The PF400 and PF300 Sample Handlers are well known to be the industry standard in life science lab automation. Perfect where space is an issue, and simplicity is desired.

Precise Automation Microplate and Tube Handling Robotics

Precise Automation PreciseFlex PF400 4-Axis Sampler Handler with Servo Gripper

General Speci­fications:       Range & Features:

Range of Motion & Resolution

  • J1(Z)Axis: 400mm standard,750mm,1160mm options available
  • J2Axis: +/-90degrees
  • J3Axis:  +/-167degrees
  • J4/Theta Axis: +/970degrees
  • Gripper:  Standard servo gripper can grip Life Science plates In Both portrait and landscape orientations.

Software can control squeeze force (between approximately 0-23N for closeforce,0-10N for open force) and open/close speed. Safety features include:(1) protection against dropping plates when sample handler is powered down or e-stop pressed (gripper provides 7-10 N of close force when motor power is off) and (2) Detection of when a plate is being held by the  gripper. Options include gripper fingers and special servo grippers for handling vials and test tubes.

  • Maximum Reach: Standard Reach Version:  576mm
  • Extended Reach Version: 731mm
  • Repeatability: +/-90μm overall in x, y & z directions at 18-22 degrees C

Key Technical Specifications: